Versatility that shines when the job gets tough.

The Hydro-Spade 400/600/800 trailers deliver enhanced maneuverability in tight spots, urban projects, and difficult turnaround situations.


Don’t waste precious time and money to get the job done.

Trying to maneuver large equipment around tight spaces and awkward job sites is not a recipe for efficiency. Often the job demands a smaller unit. And when it does, Hydro-Spade trailers maximize versatility without compromising on dependability. We pack the power you need into mobile units. Each one is built with simple systems and trusted, quality parts that last even in the toughest winter conditions. With the Hydro-Spade 400/600/800 trailers you can work on any site and stay there until the job is done.

Product Features

All the features you need... and more.

Hydro-Spade trailers are designed with your work in mind.

Loaded truck
Maximize Payload

A specialized balanced weight distribution design allows balance sensitive trucks to maximize payload.

Volume control
Reduce Noise

Enclosed blower compartment helps minimize blower noise.

Enjoy Easy Operations

Conveniently located hydraulic operating controls and a wireless handheld controller for boom functions allow for easy operations in every job.

Protect Your Equipment

Positive shut off protection and filter with spun bonded filter cartridges provide great protection for the blower unit.

Clean With Ease

Convenient rear access door, 6” drain valve and blower filtration can be cleaned quickly with a water pressure wand.

Navigate Winter Conditions

Heated wash cabinet, heated water lines and antifreeze kits to prevent the water system from freezing.

Product Specs

Detailed Specifications

View a complete list of product specifications below or download the product specifications brochure for convenient future reference. 

Each unit comes with a complete 1 year warranty on  parts and labour.

  • 400 / 600 / 800 usg debris tank 
  • Flanged and dished ASME style heads
  • Full opening rear door
  • Hydraulic Open/Close/Latch or Manual single point closure
  • Primary shutoff
  • Telescopic hoist (larger tank) 
  • Side mount hydraulic hoist cylinders
  • 4" suction valve and 4" - 6" discharge valves, installed in rear door
  • 10,400 lbs - 18,000 lbs  GVRW tandem axle chassis
  • Electric brakes both axles
  • HD Tube frame with channel cross braces and wiring conduits
  • Teardrop style fenders, step up pads 
  • Checker plate decking
  • 8,000 lbs - 12,000 lbs drop leg jack 
  • Pintle or ball
  • Safety chains
  • 50 - 75+ hp diesel
  • Complete drive line enclosure with front access doors and rear service panel
  • Gear pump 
  • 12V Hyd valve
  • 550 - 1200 cfm 
  • 15 hg
  • Silencer
  • Relief valve
  • Spunbonded polyester washable filter cartridges
  • Washable final filter
Vac Boom
  • 6-way hydraulic boom 
  • Slew drive with safety switch
  • 4" - 6" vac hose
  • 4 ft extension
  • Wireless controls
  • Wired pendant control
  • 3" - 5" vac tube
  • Curbside in cabinet
Water System
  • 4.5G+gpm @ 2900+ psi 
  • Belt driven
  • Spring return hose reel 
  • 50 ft x 3/8 pressure hose
  • Stainless or HDPE water tanks


  • 300,000 - 420,000 btu boiler
  • Winter antifreeze kit
  • Epoxy primer and polyurethane top coats
  • LED lighting 
  • Reflectors & conspicuity tape
  • Manual

Next Steps

Keeping it simple to keep you working.

Adding Hydro-Spade to your vehicle lineup is simple:


Choose your


Select the tank capacity you’ll need for the work ahead.


Choose your


Select from a list of available pump and blower options.


Choose your


Fit your equipment on the proper structure.


Put it to


Let Hydro-Spade get you onto any job site and stay there!

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