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Your source for mid-size, mobile hydro vac units. Super versatile. Easy to operate. Easy to maintain.

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Get the job done,
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Choose your product category. Then select from a variety of size and power options to build the perfect unit to tackle the work ahead.






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Skid Mount

Powerful Versatility

Discover the strength of true mobility.

Bigger isn’t always better. Often the most powerful equipment cannot easily maneuver around difficult job sites so we offer a range of mid-size, mobile hydro vac units. You’ll access a whole new world of versatility while maintaining the power you need to get the job done.

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Dependable design trailer

Dependable Design

Work with equipment that never stops until you do.

We build each unit as we would want it built for us — with trusted, quality parts that last. Simple systems and non-proprietary parts mean easy maintenance. Problems can be solved quickly without being locked in on a single source for parts. We’ll help you stay on site and out of the shop.

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Unbeatable Service

Free yourself from frustrating downtime.

If you do get stuck, give us a call, we are happy to help. We know this equipment better than anyone because we build it ourselves. We will get you back up and running without “1-800” wait times.

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The dedication to their product is amazing. They have continued to go above and beyond whether it's been support for us learning the equipment or anything we have gotten ourselves into with the equipment.

Jeremy L.

"Parts and reliability are outstanding and always available when needed."


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Adding Hydro-Spade to your vehicle lineup is simple:


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Select the tank capacity you’ll need for the work ahead.


Choose your


Select from a list of available pump and blower options.


Choose your


Fit your equipment on the proper structure.


Put it to


Let Hydro-Spade get you onto any job site and stay there!

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About Hydro-Spade

Proudly keeping you digging for over 20 years.

Buying new equipment should make your life easier, not more complicated. That’s why we design and build mid-size, mobile hydro vac units. When you’re in need of equipment that maximizes efficiency, Hydro-Spade is your choice for getting the job done without wasting precious time or money.

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Download our Easy Guide to Hydrovac Units so you can get a deep understanding of the major components and make the best decision for your situation. Just give us your email and we'll take you to the download.

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